Ms. Pebbles & Ms. Pooney
Audrianna known as Mz. Pooney to many. Born and raised in Houston, TX and has a fetish for music. She embraced her love of music when she noticed it didn't only soothe her mind, but it conquered her soul. She started her journey in the music industry in 2006 when she was introduced to some of the best individuals that mastered and broadcasted music. Her bestie of 20 + years and also the other half of this dynamic duo, Pebbles introduced me to the 96.1 FM Tha Zone family, "Acres Homes Community Radio Station!" Excited about the opportunity, she embraced her roll as a Concrete Cracker, which was the infamous street team for the station. While forcefully flooding the streets aka cracking the concrete, of the community to bring awareness to the genius works of Tha Zone. The owner/founder of the station the late Mr. Kevin "KP" Ener showed her favor and gave her the title of Station Manager. She gracefully fulfilled the position until the untimely closing of the station. She then embarked on other venues in the industry by becoming a promotor and marketing owner of the company 3 PHAT Girls Marketing & Promotion and would later add club owner of 3PG to this accolade. She continued to showcase talent and promotion for hundreds of upcoming artists and dj's at talent shows, car shows, birthday parties and more. She is looking forward to embracing this next chapter in the industry with this phenomenal radio station Da Bizz Radio. <3
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